Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Versatile Animal Head...

Yes, by what do you mean "versatile animal head" ?

Remember this (introduced on Random Post day)? These "Tiger Head" (I'm not quite sure those are tigers but ok) detailed flats are from Minted Strawberry (tutorial/link here), first seen at Tumblr blog True Blue Me & You. I said I liked them for collar tips, so that's my tutorial for today. However, after making this DIY, I realized that there are other uses for this.


  • Strong Scissors (I used fabric scissors...I know, I'm terrible)
  • Strong Glue (I used Krazy Glue, because you only need a little glue, plus it dries crazy fast)
  • Animal head earrings (these are from Forever21, they were $3.80 when I bought them)
  • 2 Clutch pin backs (or post earring backs)
    • optional: pliers
Full tutorial after the jump!

1) First, detach the earring hooks from the earrings. This is relatively easy because of the way these earrings are designed, you just slip them right off.

2) Alright, well because the earring is silver and the clutch pin base is gold, it looks kind of wonky, since you can see the color through the cutout details (I'm positioning the clutch pin at the center). We're going to have to remedy that.

Trim the base with scissors so that the shape matches the snout detail. Optional: use flat-nose pliers to hold the base so you don't cut off your fingers! I had a little trouble after I shaved off the two sides and had to cut off the top, so I gripped the remaining area with my pliers and proceeded cutting it.

3) Dab a *small* amount of Krazy glue, carefully position this over the snout detail area, glue it down, holding the pointing end, press it down for 30 seconds. It should be super glued down! If that doesn't work, dry/clean both parts off, and try again! (it worked smoothly for one of the earrings, not the other one).

And that's it!! Attach onto collars (like I did to my Wet Seal denim vest)....


(pics and elaboration Sunday!)
  • Wear it as cardigan clips: Slip an end of a chain onto the pointy part before attaching it onto the fabric, do the same to the other side. 
  • Face the two ends of the snouts towards each other, attach onto a long length of ribbon. BOOM ribbon belt.
  • Boring bag? No problem. Add some jazz with these.
  • Turban (headbands) are super trendy. Use these as a turban detail. (easy turban diy from Glitter N Glue here)
  • Take a page from Minted Strawberry and wear these on shoes. Note: to prevent damage to your shoes (aka let's stab our shoes), attach these onto pleather/felt/some sort of base that can be tied/safely clip onto shoes.
  • Wear it as a brooch. Tip: when wearing onto fabric, aim for seam lines so you won't have puncture holes everywhere. 
That's all I have for now. Any suggestions/ideas are welcome :3


  1. I love how your mind works! You are really one of the most creative blogs I follow right now. I really like how you turned the earrings into collar tips and all your other ideas are really good - for $3.80 earrings!

    1. awww :blushes:

      well, i heart heart hear you so there. :3