Wednesday, May 29, 2013

DIY High Low Skirt

So easy, I'm slightly embarrassed for posting. But mainly because my other DIYs I had planned may have failed miserably not succeed in the way I would have liked.
  • Maxi/Long skirt
  • Scissors
  • Fabric chalk
    • Optional: hemming goods! You can stud hem it (tutorial here), hand-hem it, machine hem it, or fabric-glue hem it. I personally don't like fabric glue but if it works for you, go for it!
Keep reading after the jump for the tutorial!

1) Wear the skirt, and mark how high up you want the skirt with a fabric pencil.

2) EDIT: oops, forgot to mention. Fold the skirt in half so that you're looking at it from the side, so the front should be on the right, and the back be on the left)...just consult the diagram.

Cut an elongated S-shape. The bend in the S should be roughly halfway. The top of the S should be at the mark, and the bottom of the S should end around how long you want the back of the skirt (there was this ugly ruffle on my skirt, so I just cut slightly above that). Note: make sure you cut *above* the mark you made, so you won't have any marks on the skirt.

3) Optional: hem it! (Of course I didn't, hemming is such a pain).

And that's it! 

Pics (of my sister modeling, while enticing our fatty Jack Russell with a piece of chicken):

I decided to pair the skirt with the DIY Galaxy shoes (finally found the other lace, tutorial here), because I thought the pinks and the blues of the shoes would go nice with the pink and blue of the skirt. Because the skirt has a high waist, we decided to "crop" the top by gathering it up and tying off the back with a hair elastic. The top is a peek-a-boo shoulder top that says "don't hate me," which my sister got from Wet Seal. The skirt is Sag Harbor, and the original sneakers are from H&M.

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