Wednesday, May 22, 2013

DIY Galaxy

Happy Wednesday! You know what that means (at least for the Spring Semester): DIY!

I posted some pics for random post day of these galaxy shoes (find the post here) and it came with a "tutorial" but I decided to post the full tutorial for today! 
I love this tutorial, because you can use this technique to galaxy *anything*

Be warned though, It's a lot of steps. The key thing I want you to remember right now: blending. And layering. Seriously. I painted 3 layers...

I'm going to be painting a black clutch, because it's a nice flat surface and it's easier to show each step.
Here's a side-by-side pic of the clutch and the finished shoes (I found a single lace...):


  • Something that you're going to galaxy (preferably something canvas-y/fabric-y)
  • Fabric paint
    • I chose purple, pink, and blue...but you could always buy pink and blue and mix them together to create purple
    • You also need white
    • Optional: black
  • Toothpicks
  • Index cards
  • Sponge brushes
  • not shown: paper towel, Mod Podge (optional)
For the very long, extensive tutorial, keep reading after the jump!
LAYER ONE: The technique

1) Glob random squiggles of your first color (in this case, pink). Don't fret to much about the shape. If you're really struggling, I suggest looking at a map of the world; countries sure have really weird funky shapes that are completely random and superficial; these can be the "inspiration" for your galaxy shapes!

2) Sponge/blot these out!

3) Squeeze on your second color by these weird blotted shapes. You cab kind of follow the shape and placement of the first color, but it really doesn't matter. Try changing it up a bit!

3) Again. Blot this color out. Also, start blending the two colors together slightly. I find this is much easier to do with the same brush, so some of the first color that was blotted onto the brush from step 2 helps the blending go smoothly (also random, so it looks more natural).

4) Andd....repeat with your third color.
Notice how I started varying where the blue goes? I didn't put any on the bottom right hand blot, and I started blotting it upwards onto the top of the clutch.

5) Drip the colors randomly onto these shapes...

6) And (you're going to hate this part) blend it all out with the same brush you had been using. But by now, you probably have the technique down so that's good.

LAYER TWO: The galaxy base

7) So sad. Now blot some black (I used this gorgeous metallic black); don't use as much paint as the main colors.

8) Finally. We have a nice pretty background to build our galaxy on. Yes, it is frustrating, but that's what you get for some quality work.

Blot on some paint.
But instead of sponging it right away, add your other colors too!! Vary the combinations!
 And *then* sponge them, creating this gorgeeeouss blending meldy effect.

9) Time to add some space clouds. Draw white lines following the galaxy blobs.
Pay attention: wash the brush you've been using *or* get a new brush and wet it. Dry it with a paper towel and while it's damp, blot the white lines with it.

Also, because we don't just want random white lines, drop small amounts of color on top of the space clouds for a layered effect.
This should be what it looks like:

10) But wait, there's more! You see all the dark areas? We don't want that. Partially clean/dry the brush for the clouds (just wipe off excess paint onto a spare index card). Dab this starting from the edges of the space clouds onto the black portion, so it's blendy.

11) Stars time! Glob some white paint onto an index card. Dip a toothpick in and...
Randomly start dotting the galaxy. One dip into the paint can get you a good 5-10 stars, varying in size.
For the larger dots of white, take the other end of the toothpick, starting from the middle of the glob, pull it outwards to make a "shining" star.

12) This is what it should look like at this point.

LAYER THREE: The finishing touches

13) Finish hating me for a second. Alright, so the colors are sort of pretty but not excellent. Let's remedy that. Squeeze on lines of color...
 And blot them (remember the techniques we learned from layer one? Yeah those.)

14) Awesome. Now some white (this is layer two all over again).
Make sure to blend, blend, blend! Also, add some more stars on top of these defined colors.
What this does, is that it covers up some of the stars, making them seem further away/less brilliant. Also, it creates depth and LAYERS, because that's what this is really all about.

Alright! Finally, it's done. If you're doing this on a shoe, make sure you Mod Podge them (or clear seal). On fabrics, hypothetically, the paint should stay on (also, remember to treat the fabrics first according to the bottle directions), but if you're iffy, I'm pretty sure they sell fabric Mod Podge...

Anyways. Onto pics!

BTdubs, I added a detachable chain strap, the same chain from the easy peasy lemon squeezy chain necklace (here). And these are pics of my sis because 1) I don't have anyone to take pics of me 2) I'm not very photogenic and 3) She doesn't mind having her pics on the internet and 4) This clutch/bag is for her, since even though I like the galaxy trend, I don't like it *on* me.
I taught my dog how to shake XD

Clutch form:

See you Sunday!! 


  1. This is seriously the BEST galaxy painting tutorial out there - and I've seen dozens. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial and taking photos of all the steps. Posting it on truebluemeandyou.

    1. hooray!! thank you sooo much! much love <3

    2. And you've now been featured on Tumblr's Craft tag! That doesn't happen to me very often!

    3. oooo nais, nais. couldn't have done it without you of course. i think on my tumblr blog, i got...2 notes DX

  2. What brand of fabric paint did you use ? I can't seem to find any for a normal price in the Netherlands

  3. Whoa your sister goes to my school. That was really confusing until I checked the blog info and saw that you do indeed live in my town.

    Anyways, this is super cool. Definitely going to be saving it and using it sometime soon.

  4. wow thank you for the tutorial! been trying to find a good one for quite a while

    thank heaps :D