Sunday, January 27, 2013

DIY Jeweled Headpiece

Happy DIY Sunday!!!
This time, tacking a jeweled headpiece:
Edit: Edit: new photo because first one was blurry, second on was too small
-jewelry chain (not shown)
-shmancy necklace (try to get one that has multiple charms) *note this necklace is already an old DIY it used to be a triangle shaped necklace, and then I transformed it into a bib-necklace+earrings on the side
-3 essential jewelry pliers: round nose, flat-nose, wire cutters

Here are some necklaces that you can use (from forever21), just remember that you need to be able to dissemble the charms, links: 1 2 3 :

Keep reading after the jump for the tutorial!

First thing's first, I'm going to label all the pieces you need:

And give you this diagram, which I will be referring to throughout this tutorial. I feel it's easier to refer to things with letters instead of saying "the thick jewelry chain" because that sometimes gets really confusing if you have 40 different pieces (sorry for the creepy head, but I wanted to show you the placement of the pieces; image source here)
 1) Dissemble all the pieces from the necklace, by using a variety of jewelry pliers to open the jump rings (the little circle things) connecting the pieces

2) Play around with the charms, until you get a jewelry formation that you wish. 

Connect the pieces with jump rings, using your jewelry pliers. Note: make sure that the arrangement that you choose is possible, meaning that the holes where the jump rings go line up. I've seen tutorials where you can drill holes in to connect the pieces, but it's easier just to plan it straight up first.

 3) Connect "C" to the "back" of your jewelry formation.

4) Connect "B" to the "sides" of the jewelry formation.

5) Now this piece is obviously not long enough to connect around the head, so take pieces "D" to "B." I actually took a chain, and doubled it up for thickness.
To connect, just loop the thinner pieces through the end of the bigger chain like so (sorry for my AWFUL nails, I was in-between manicures) :

6) Loop a jump ring at the end of "D" chain and connect this to "C"

7) Additional step: I found that this piece kind of shifts a lot when wearing, so you can secure it on your head using bobby pins. Or, you can measure/cut a piece of chain would secure the hair piece comfortably.

Final Product!
Aerial view
No face for you, too many pimples


  1. Wow! Beautiful headpiece and a great tutorial! Now I'm looking for some flower-bib-necklaces... I think I would dare to wear one in spring aka first time it gets warm here. ;)

    XO, lici

    1. that reminds me, im sorry i couldnt get you a guest diy post, i totally got side tracked :(

  2. Love this! I think this is the only tutorial I've ever seen for this type of headpiece. Really good and clear tutorial. I've posted the top and bottom finished photos of the headpiece on my blog with a link back to you.

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