Sunday, December 23, 2012

Pleather Shoe Harness DIY

Sorry for the delay, but I kind of got bogged down with a bunch of tests, midterms, finals, papers, all sorts of college goodies. And then I got sick so...

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*1,2,4 have tutorials in case you like these better XD
I lovveee shoe harnesses, for so many reasons. They can be demure, insane, practical, or just plain dressy. Furthermore, they're *re-moveable* so you can mix and match shoes and harnesses and nothing's permanent, so you can wear still wear those black pumps to a job interview and later "dress them up" for the club. And the #1 reason why I love shoe harnesses: because they keep my shoe from slipping off!!

I have baby feet. Literally. Being a size 5 means I can't comfortably wear anything higher than 4 inches, and that's already pushing it. The only good part is that since no one has my shoe size, my shoes *always* go on sale for ridiculously low prices. However, most of my shoes fit properly. I bought these amazing black platform shoes, but they have the most ridiculous fit of all time (note to self, don't buy shoes online). My toes are all squished in front, but yet when I walk, the back keeps slipping off!! In fact, all my shoes slip off in the back SAD FACE. 

Anyways, here's my shoe harness: 

Simple, but it get's the job done! As in my shoe no longer slips off.

 Oh and exciting news: no more iPhone pics for this blog! I managed to get my hands on nice cameras and the means of transferring nice camera pics to my computer ^^ I also got a giant blank white poster board (which I already ruined by stabbing it with my heel...oops) so I can take nicer pics, all I need is better lighting... Meh for now this will suffice! Warning: there's going to be a lot of pictures!!

Keep reading after the jump for the tutorial! 

  • Small pronged cone studs (mine from eBay here
  • Large lobster clasps (mine from Joann Fabrics here)
  • Scissors
  • Thin pleather trim (I used about a yard, but I have thin ankles) I bought mine from Joann Fabrics, they do not have the specific one I used listed online.
  • Small circles (mine came in a chain from Michael's Art Supply store, but I literally cannot find any listings for something similar...sorry!!)
  • Pliers (cutter, round-nose, flat-nose)
  • Thin black copper wire

1. Wrap the pleather trim around your ankle, making sure the "seam line" is facing down. (TIP ALERT this is the wrong side, it is important to keep the wrong side against the skin at all times, and have the nice, smooth pleatherness be the part that we actually see. Silly and obvious, but this is a common mistake!!) Cut this piece off from the rest of the trim. 

2. Slide one end through the circle like so and...

3. Fold the end back onto the trim, about 1 cm or so (sorry for the terrible nails)

 4. Push a stud through the RIGHT SIDE
 So the prongs are shown through on the WRONG SIDE

5. Using round nose pliers, smoosh the prongs down. Yes this step is necessary, some people forget. It happens.

6. Repeat 2-5 on the other side of the circle. You can leave this step here for a pretty cute bracelet btw. 

7. But if you want to continue...Turn this over, and find the "middle." Cut this!! If you were having concerns about having this portion fit your ankle, this is the step to remedy this!

8. We're now going to makeshift some black "jump rings" to attach the lobster clasps. This is going to be by first chopping off about 2 inches of black wire using wire cutter pliers. 

9. Create a circle-esque shape with your wire, slide the lobster clasp through one end, and finish it off by wrapping the ends of the wire around each other. Meanwhile, steps 2-5!!

10. After you're done securing the ends of the de facto jump ring, sneakily hide this under the trim loop so you have: 

11. This is what you should have so far (this is the top portion of the harness). Note that the right most portion is shorter than the left most. This is so that the right most portion becomes the "front" of the harness, and the left most portion is supposed to loop around the back.

12. We're almost done!!! Secure what you have so far around your ankle, plus the shoes you're planning to wear them with. Measure from one end of the circle, around the shoe, to the other circle. Add one centimeter for "seam allowance", and cut this portion. Secure it to the end jump ring (no clasp), repeating steps 2-5. 
And secure the right most end to the middle jump ring, forming a loop. Repeat steps 2-5.

13. And Voila! Repeat this process on the other side!  Keep in mind that there is a difference between the right and the left shoe harness, in terms of how the clasps go. Consult the diagram at the end for clarity!
Left shoe harness inner
The only difference is which way you loop in step 12. For the left, you loop upwards (shown above), for the right you loop downwards. This way, you ensure that the clasps are on the inner part of your leg, not outer. 


  1. These look so cute. I need to make some that fit heels too. the boot ones I made are too loose.

    1. I loved yours sooo much, it inspired me to make my own. I think looseness might look cool if you can walk relatively well in heels and don't need the extra straps DX

  2. Love these! Posted them on my blog - already one really nice comment :) And can we talk about your new camera???!!!! Really good pics.

    1. thank you!! i felt like good pics were absolutely necessary as i always feel like it is an honor to be featured on your blog, and i should probably provide nice pics for you :3

  3. Heya :) Great tutorial! May I invite you to a little guest blogging campaign?
    I'm looking for people who like to write a guest-DIY-post with the topic Recycling/Upcycling. I really like your DIYs!

    I wish you a happy new year and less stressfull college stuff... ;)