Monday, October 15, 2012

DIY Guide: Tribal Print

I've noticed that a lot of my DIY projects require the same skill sets, and instead of creating a new redundant cookie-cutter tutorial each time, I decided that I could show projects, and link them back to the techniques I used!!

This first set is a tribal print guide, so you can paint, glitterize, whatever to whatever!! You have complete artistic freedom to do whatever you like, instead of just blatantly copying a design (kind of a pet peeve of mine).


1. Elements

->I've isolated some motifs that are repeated in tribal designs (from Google search)

Keep reading after the jump for more in depth analysis!!

2. Mixing

->there are certain ways to give variety to your designs

-play with negative spaces (ex. color in triangles, or leave the dots without their middle)
        other ideas: color in the space in between inverted triangles

-combination (ex. place dots in between each valley and hill of a wavy line, or have diamonds in between two lines)
        other ideas: dots within diamonds, triangles surrounding a diamond

-play with the sizes of shapes (ex. have a smaller triangle within a larger one)
        other ideas: a line of dots that gradually decrease and increase in size

-transform elements by taking two ideas and smooshing them together (ex. draw triangles using the scribbly lines technique)
       other ideas: wavy line+triangles=zig zag line
P.S. you are not limited to just ONE effect.
ex. scale elements+negative spaces (with the illustrated example, you can color in the smaller triangle that's within a larger triangle)! 

And remember, there is no wrong way to do this!!

3. Finalize the pattern

->organize your elements into a specific order, creating your pattern:

I've included all mentioned effects, but remember: there are infinite possibilities!! 


  1. Really good visual explanation of geometric prints. Posted it on my blog :)

  2. Big THX for that explanation! Well done and great inspiration for my doodling^^
    lg, lici :)