Monday, August 27, 2012

Easiest Body Harness DIY

As said in a previous post here, one of my newest obsessions was body jewelry. And I figured it was due time that I included a super duper easy peasy diy, the 6th installment of my "uber duper easy peasy DIYs" segment. Easy because again: no pliers, no jump rings, no nonsense!! No pain, no problem!!


  • Really long chain (mine is 100 in)
  • 2 safety pins
Keep reading after the jump for the tutorial!!
Tutorial (picture+illustrated diagrams because pics don't do justice):
1. Fold the chain in half and slide the safety pin through the two ends.
2. Fold this in half again, and slide the safety pin (with the chained ends) through approximately what would be the middle of the entire chain.
3. VoilĂ !! It doesn't look like much, but you know the two portions that look like the ends of a bow-tie? Your arms go through there like so...

4. And to give this a little more life, safety pin the front too...

And yes, I use my iPhone as a camera. Don't judge!!


  1. Really easy! You can always retake the photos if you're not happy with them. You could also dress the safety pins up with beads.

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    2. very true. and im digging the bead idea :D

  2. Just posted this on my blog - also loved the easy handpiece you posted.