Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hex Nut Bracelet DIY

The DIY world LOOVVVESSS hex nuts, and I knew jumping the bandwagon was inevitable. So I made my own hex nut bracelet, taking inspiration from other DIY blogs:

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Here are pics of my hex nut bracelet, one of an arm party, one of it riding solo, and one of the layout:

Loving it so far? Keep reading after the jump for instructions!!


  • You'll need some sort of "binding." I opted for 24 gauge wire. Ribbon would also work in this case. My piece is about 40 inches long, but I noticed weaving is trickier if the wire is too long.
  • And of course hex nuts. I used about 21.
  • Also, you need a closure. I would choose your favorite, but the one I made, I secured with a paper clip. Quick and easy, no hassle of trying to tie or lobster clasp something.

1.  Lay out the pattern you want. I just alternated one-two-one-two
Like so...
2. Here's the tricky part. We have to weave the hex nuts together (PS check the diagram below for help!)

Thread the wire (or whatever) through the first hex nut, making sure that the hex nut is in the middle of the entire length of the wire. So, in this case, that'll mean there's 20 inches of wire on both sides of the hex nut.

Immediately put another hex nut next to this one and pull one of the strands of wire through this one (step one). Loop the wire in and out of the hex nuts, until you get three secure tight loops (step 2-5) (skip this step if using a ribbon or stronger ties).

Rest another hex nut on top of the two secured hex nuts, and loop the wire ends from the secured hex nuts into the new hex nut (step 7), and back down into the secured hex nuts. Repeat until you get three loops (steps 8-12)

When done, place two hex nuts on top of the single, take the two strands, and thread the left strand through the left hex nut and the right strand through the right hex nut (steps 13-14). Repeat, until you get a nice long strand going (refer to above picture).

When you're finally done, tie the two strands in a quadruple knot (or whatever you feel like) and secure with a dab of glue (if your knot isn't super tight).

On that note, if you're using shorter pieces of wire, whenever you run out, make a knot and dab the knot with glue. Remember to always finish the knots on the same side of the bracelet, so no glue stains will show, as the bracelet will be worn with the knots facing inwards towards the arm.
A step by step diagram

Remember, there is no wrong way to weave the hex nuts, and techniques differ based on how you lay out the pattern. This is just the way I did it.

In the end, you have to connect the hex nuts together (how else are you going to put it over your hand?) 

You can tie a ribbon through the ends, or you can bend a paper clip and slip the loops through (my method) making sure the points face outwards. 

Voila! Enjoy your new DIY bracelet!


  1. I love your version and will try it ASAP!! Everyone did the braided-hex-nut-bracelet-thing (boring...) But your bracelet is just cool ;)

    1. <3 Thank you for your kind comment! I love feedback <3 <3

  2. Heya there,
    I tried it, but came up with another idea of a hex nut bracelet ;)