Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I wear what I want

If I see another post that says "if you are x-shape, you can't wear x,y, and z," I don't even.

I've always had this problem in that my body shape is sort of an amalgam of many different body "types" and every source I've looked at always had different conflicting types of clothing per my body shape. Oh you're petite? Don't wear x. Oh you're top heavy, totes wear x. Ummm, what if I'm both?

I'm teeny-tiny short (5 feet aw yiss), features boobs that people get boob jobs to upgrade too, and I think I'm either also curvy or Botticelli babe (never really figured out the difference between those two). My chest measurement is barely an inch from my hip measurement so can't really be "classified" as "carrot"/"top heavy," but I'm in no way a size 0 so I can't really be "classified" as petite. The biggest offender of this is Yahoo! Shine's column on how to wear certain articles of clothing. The last two offending posts told me that people like me should not wear wide-legged pants or harem pants. Of which I own a bajillion. Her reasoning? They make you look wide. My counter-argument: let no one ever dictate to you what you should and should not wear. If you put on something and it makes you feel good, that's all that really matters. And let's be real, what really matters is the aggregate effects of print, tailoring, what you pair something with that really makes an outfit, not just simply the silhouette. (though I suppose people who aren't "trained" in fashion might want a guiding point somewhere, I'll give them that much. But still. Dress how you think makes you look good). Anyone who says otherwise, well, if they're going to judge me because I wore something that I "shouldn't" for my "body type" (total myth in my opinion), I wouldn't want to be friends with them anyways.

Hopefully I'll have DIY posts for you soon. I think creativity in the DIY world is dying and I'm really scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas nowadays.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

CF DIY Valentine's Day Heart Cutout Skirt

Sorry for new original content even though I did say I would do that. Life is, well, crazy. A short run-down on what is up with me.

  • I have a resume to finish for an awesome internship position.
  • Just finished my entries for ModCloth's Make the Cut Prints Charming contest. Really hope I place, or even win (I would actually die of happiness).
  • Sooooo behind on all my readings I have to do for school (whoops procrastination). That and one of my classes is basically 99% group projects so commuting back and forth from home to campus back to home...I spend way too much time on public transportation.
  • And a bit of fun "fun" things going on in my life (won't say much but it involves a boy, questionable decisions, heartbreak, basically the plot of another one of those romcoms).
And speaking of hearts (wow what a great transition),
here's my latest DIY contribution to Collegefashion, in which I am in charge of the DIY column.

Click here for access to the tutorial!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

CF: DIY Jeweled Collar Tips

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CF: DIY Dreaming of Spring Statement Necklace

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