Wednesday, June 4, 2014

CF: DIY "Paint" Splatter Heels

The secret? Nail polish! Click here for the DIY at!

Monday, May 26, 2014

CF: DIY Arts & Bold Butterfly Heels

Made with plastic toys (100% anatomically correct butterflies), some E600, scissors, and an old pair of shoes. Tutorial here at College Fashion! Inspired by bow heels.

CF: DIY Saint Patrick's Day Brooch...and thoughts on blogging

Yeah... a little late, but better late than never I guess? Though this DIY tutorial is completely adaptable for other holidays (like Memorial Day!). All you need is a pin brooch back, some foam ($0.50), some holiday themed confetti ($0.50), and Mod Podge!

Click here for the tutorial!

As you know, I now run the DIY column at College Fashion. Which I honestly think is a blessing. Through College Fashion, I've had DIYs featured at both MJTrimming's blog and Buzzfeed! Many of their writers went on to do more and greater things in life. However, College Fashion is notorious for having less than nice comments (in the comment section, there's even a little PSA asking to be nice!). The first time I encountered one, it honestly hit me like a brick. That's the thing about having a smaller internet presence-anyone who follows you or watches you genuinely loves you and what you post, versus as soon as you get "popular" (via hard-earned, well-deserved recognition), you're bound to encounter haters.

Recently, I read this article, by Allure Daily Beauty Reporter Danielle Pergament, showcasing celebrity hair stylist Chris McMillan and I absolutely adored it. It was so personal and I could really understand this amazing person and what he was about. I was so full of bliss and happiness that someone like him exists in our world...until I read the comments. My heart dropped to my stomach. People nowadays in their spite hide behind a keyboard with nothing to do but to attack others. I always believe in balance-there's good and bad in everything, and that applies to me and my writing as well. It seems like no one nowadays understand constructive criticism. For us creatives, it's especially hard. The creative industry is often looked down by "academics" and we're always striving to "prove" ourselves. So even if a post of mine gets 20 positive comments, it only takes 1 negative (usually completely irrational) one to keep me up at night, pondering whether or not I've made the right decision to pursue my passion.

With this article on the end of fashion blogging, it makes me wonder what's worst: no comments or mean comments. My last few posts at College Fashion has gotten zero comments, and it's not just me. Huge blogs (blog roll here) that I follow that used to get on average 200 comments nowadays only get from 5-20. I wonder what's going on, and whether or not this really is a sign to the end of blogging? Only time will tell.

Monday, May 19, 2014

CF: DIY Printed Denim

Subtly-printed for those pattern-shy, using stencil and fabric paint. The trick? Use fabric paint that's similar in color to your pants!

Tutorial can be found here at!

More tomorrow.